The Politics of the Page

Visuality and Materiality in Illustrated Periodicals across Cold War Borders

Online Workshop
12 & 13 May 2022 

Illustrated periodicals have played a critical role in disseminating and performing Cold War cultural politics across national
and ideological borders. In their entanglement with state
or institutional actors, artistic or sports organisations, revolutionary groups and liberation movements, amongst others, periodicals have shaped notions of belonging for diverse readers, expressed in a host of visual and material formats.

The workshop will focus on the design and materiality
of illustrated periodicals produced and read against the backdrop
of the Cold War. Contributions will explore aesthetic, historical, theoretical or methodological approaches to the ‘politics
of the page’. We will discuss visual and material strategies in periodicals and survey the ways these manifest in the layout, typography, uses of photography, choices of format, ways of production, reproduction or circulation, during the Cold War.

Please email Matthias Hagel until May 10th, 2022, if you would like to participate in the discussion.

The workshop is organized by subproject 8, »Seeing Film between the Lines«, Vincent Fröhlich (of the DFG research unit »Journal Literature«) and Mary Ikoniadou (UCLan Research Centre for Migration, Diaspora and Exile, UK), also in partnership with Gioula Koutsopanagou (ETMIET Research Unit, Research Centre for Modern Greece ΚΕΝΙ, at Panteion University, Greece).

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